The Hum of Angels by Scot McKnight – Book Review


Sometimes I really believe that Scot McKnight lives in an alternate world, where there are no limitations to the number of hours in a day or number of days in a year.  This guy always seems to be doing something.  Writing book after book.  Commentary after commentary.  Blog after blog.  Podcast after podcast.  Teaching class after class.  Lecture after lecture.  Seminar after seminar.  I simply have no clue how he does it all!

Every time Scot McKnight releases a book, (which seems like every other week) I try to get my hands on it.  So, when I had the opportunity to get ahold of his forthcoming book The Hum of Angels, I didn’t hesitate, even for a moment.

You know, just to be up front, I don’t think I would have considered reading this book, if it wasn’t written by McKnight.  I typically shy away from “angel books”.  I’m not sure why exactly.  But I just do.  And I’m not the only one.  It’s funny, because McKnight dives right into this very concept within the first couple chapters of the book.  It’s not about believing or disbelieving.  It’s just something about focusing too much on angels, that for some reason makes me uneasy.  Maybe it’s because there are people out there who maybe focus too much attention on angels, while not enough on God Himself.  But that’s not exactly the reason either.  Maybe it’s because of the mystery behind angel encounters.  Whatever it may be, I’m thankful for McKnight’s work, to help clarify what the Bible says about these all important creations of God.

I really enjoyed how McKnight set up this book.  Chapter one (which I don’t want to spoil) explains the title of the book, and immediately intrigues and glues the reader to the pages.

The book itself is broken into four parts, with roughly ten or so (give or take) chapters within each part.  The parts go as follows: In Defense of Angels, God’s Loving Presence In Angels, God’s Loving Advocacy In Angels, and God’s Loving Transformation Through Angels.  Part by part and chapter by chapter McKnight simply but concisely explains what Scripture says about angels.

A profound and memorable statement from the book is: “Either we trust what God and the Spirit tell us in the Word about angels or we don’t.  Either we believe it because it is written, or we choose to believe what we choose to believe.  While I do not discount the reality that angels still appear to humans, I stand with the Bible’s understanding of angels.”

Although I’m no expert in books on angels or angelology itself, I consider The Hum of Angels to be a new go-to source of information for ministers, lay-people, students, or for anyone for that matter.  McKnight has delicately poured over the Bible to find and site roughly 300 Scriptures on angels, in order to help the reader know, understand, and recognize these incredible messengers of God Himself.

“If you believe in God, you also believe in angels.”

So, go ahead, preorder.  Or wait until February 7th 2017 for it’s release.


(Note: I received this book from Blogging for Books for this review.)

More information on the book can be found HERE

A short biography on Scot McKnight can he found HERE


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