Lens Crafter


Jesus, being God Himself, humbled Himself completely, so much so that, as we are told in the Bible, He took on the form of a human man and came to this earth.  Jesus, the human being, obviously was forced to therefore live His humanly life on this earth.  This fact forced Jesus to acquire a worldview.  A person’s worldview is the “lens” by which someone views the world around them.  The “lens” that Jesus used was composed of fulfilling the will of God according to prayer, the Word, direct revelation, and through His intimate relationship with the Father.

In a book that I had to read back in Bible college, Think Like Jesus, George Barna writes that Jesus had a foundation, focus, filter, and faith in His life.  Jesus’ worldview foundation was the Word of God, in which He used to guide His entire life in all situations.  Jesus’ worldview focus was knowing, doing, and fulfilling the will of God the Father.  Jesus’ filter in relation to His worldview was spiritual in nature, allowing for the thoughts and actions of everything one did to be a spiritual matter in some form or another.  Jesus’ faith was firmly and solely in God the Father alone, which influenced His worldview in every aspect.

Jesus was able to view the world around Him unlike anyone else in the world ever has, or ever will be able to do.  Jesus knew directly the will of the Father in Heaven, and could see what the world around Him needed in order to help fulfill it completely.  Jesus died to fulfill the will of the Father, as well as to keep the worldview in which He so deeply had faith.  Keeping His mind on the will of God, the Word of God, the spiritual welfare of others, and always in love, helped to make Jesus’ worldview what we see in the New Testament.

Think Like Jesus also lays out the ten Biblical admonitions to “think like” Jesus.  This aspect of thinking like Jesus relate directly to Jesus’ worldview, which included: Seek God’s wisdom, Don’t be fooled, Commit to what’s important, Be transformed, Fight appropriately, Rely on God’s guidance, Get fit spiritually, Pay attention, Fear God, and Trust God alone.

Modern Christians can learn to “think like Jesus” by gaining a deep and intimate relationship with Him, by learning from the Word of God, by trying to let their life be guided by the Holy Spirit, and by trying to live like Him according to some of the attributes that are listed above in Barna’s list of Biblical admonitions.  When we seek the wisdom of God, we are directly looking for perfect guidance and perfect knowledge from above.  God knows what is right and needed in our lives, and seeking His wisdom will help us act in the correct ways.

Transformation is another vital aspect which is completely needed for modern Christians to begin living and thinking like Jesus.  The transformation of the heart, mind, and soul is necessary for a worldly person to become a spiritual person in Christ.  Becoming a Christian takes more than simply making a decision; it takes an entire life change.  Giving one’s life over to Christ means to completely change the humanly way of thought process, and to try one’s best to acquire Jesus’ view of the world and of the spiritual.  Focusing on the kingdom of God, and on one’s relationship with God Himself, will help to make the change.

Relying on and trusting God alone in one’s life will help to mold someone into a thought process that could be like that of Jesus.  Jesus did nothing on His own accord, for He referenced God the Father in everything He did.  It was not Jesus’ will, but Jesus carrying out the will of the Father who sent Him.  A modern Christian who treats their life the same way will become much closer to thinking like that of Jesus, if they put the Father first in every aspect of their lives.

Jesus’ worldview was that of fulfilling the will of His Father in Heaven, building up the Kingdom of God, and making all decisions with love in mind.  Jesus had a foundation, focus, filter, and faith which completely molded His worldview.  Though we are not perfect like Jesus, we are surely strive to acquire such a worldview, which puts the Kingdom of God first, trying our best to view the world in the spiritual since, and always with love.


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