Paul and the Faithfulness of God (Review)

David Hershey

It is probably not surprising for a thirty-something pastor type of an evangelical background proclaim his enjoyment of NT Wright’s dozens of books.  Like many in my profession, NT Wright is one of my favorite writers.  His work has done more to shape my understanding of Jesus and Paul then that of any other writer or scholar.  Even better, many of his works are completely readable for any Christian, you don’t need a seminary education to get what he is writing.  I’d love to see more people pick up an NT Wright book.

That said, he is also a brilliant scholar.  His big books on the New Testament are amazing.  First was The New Testament and the People of God.  Then came Jesus and the Victory of God, which is probably my favorite of his books, as it examined the life and ministry of Jesus.  Third was The…

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