IVP Reader’s Choice Award Winner! – An Explorer’s Guide to Julian of Norwich by Veronica Mary Rolf – Book Review (Repost)


In celebration of this book winning the 2018 IVP Reader’s Choice Award (IVP Academic) I thought I would repost my original review.

Also,  you can save 30% on this book through January 31, 2019, when you use promo code RCWIN18 when you checkout on IVP’s website. https://www.ivpress.com/

My original review:

I first heard the name Julian of Norwich from the pages of Richard Foster, but although I’ve appreciated the snippets from her books via quotes and selected paragraphs, I’ve never really taken the time to explore who she is and the works she has written.

Thankfully, in her book, An Explorer’s Guide to Julian of Norwich, author Veronica Mary Rolf does the hard work and research, then carefully guides the reader into the life of this intriguing and beautiful Christian of the 14th century.

The book is divided into two parts: Getting to Know Julian of Norwich and Exploring the Revelations of Divine Love.  Each part has subsections which narrow the focus to specific questions, topics, and timelines of Julian of Norwich’s life and work.  Rolf does an impeccable job of carefully and thoroughly examining key information to enrich the reader of not just facts or information concerning Julian herself, but many of the surrounding topics with which she is associated.

Admittedly, although this book was a bit of a challenge due to the breadth of new information and historical material, it was a well received and much enjoyable read.  The included glossary was a helpful addition to push me through any sticking points in the unheard and unknown terms and vocabulary of Julian of Norwich.

If you find yourself wanting to dive in and explore the life of Julian of Norwich, there is no better place to start than An Explorer’s Guide to Julian of Norwich.

You can purchase it from InterVarsity Press, Amazon, Christianbook, or other retailers.

Disclaimer: I received a complimentary publicity copy from the publisher (IVP Books). (This in no way affected my honest review of the book)


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